Room facilities

Bathroom with bathtub ・ Toilet ・ Air conditioner ・ Liquid crystal TV ・ Refrigerator ・ Desk ・ Tea server ・ Phone ・ Hair Dryer ・ Tea cup



Bath towel ・ Face towel ・ Shampoo ・ Conditioner ・ Body soup ・ Tooth brush ・ Cup ・ Razor ・ Cotton Kimono ・ slippers ・ Tea bag (Green Tea)


Rental items are available

Please ask the front desk in details.

Iron Trouser press humidifier
room_aniron room_trousers room_ahumidifier
Deodorants for clothing Degital scale
room_deodorization room_scale

Hair Dryer (also available in All rooms ) / Kettle (All rooms have a tea server ) / Ironing board / Bathroom scale / glass

※ Attention ※
Please note that all items are limited availablity.


Morning Coffee Service

Coffee is available at the lobby in the morning.



Free Japanese newspaper in the morning and evening
( Limited availablity )