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◇ About Reservation & Stay ◇

A. Check-in time is 14:30 PM , and check-out time is 10:00 AM .
A. Yes , late check out is available until 12:00 pm .
2 hours for an additional charge of 1000yen , subject to availability .
A. Yes, we do for a security reason .
We lock the front door at 2:00am .
However , Our reception is open for 24 hours .
Please call us before arrival , we unlock the door .
A. Sorry we have no parking space .
Please call the hotel designated parking lot (Ueno Parking Center ◆TEL 03-3833-8151◆) or there are parking lot around our hotel with charges .
A. Children under 6 will not be charged as long as they do not need beds, and kids over 6 will be charged at regular rate .
A. Yes, you can .
We can keep your percel at the font desk until your arrival .
Please send your percel to this mailing address .
To Hotel New Tohoku 3-14-2 Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015, Japan
※ Attention ※
Please make sure to fill out guest name and arrival date besides Hotel’s address .
We cannot accept any percel/luggage without the name of the guest and accommodation date .
You cannot send cash , valuables , fragile article , items which needs temperature control in advance .
Cash on delivery is not acceptable .
A. Hotel New Tohoku requires a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled arrival date for a full refund .
100% of room cost will be charged if you cancel on the arrival date or you don’t stay without notice .
Two days ago 50%
Three days ago 30%
A. Yes, we can .
A. Yes, you can send it through Yamato transport system from front desk .
Boxes and envelopes are available in free of charge depending on availability .
Please feel free to ask us .
A. Yes , we do .
On the check-out date , we keep your luggage free of charge .
Additionl charge will occur from next day of check-out date .
If the guest has another reservation , additional charge will not occur .
A. Yes , we have one washing machine and one dryer on the ground floor , next to the dining room .
As the machine includes detargent , you don’t need to buy it .
Cleaning service is also available , please feel free to ask at the front desk .
A. Sorry , we do not have elevator .
Our staff will carry your luggeges if it is heavy .
Please feel free to ask us .
A. We can research the places you would like to visit .
Please ask at front desk .
There are also maps and brochures at the hotel lobby .
A. Sorry, we have no PC rental service .
However , PC is available free of charge for guests at the hotel lobby .
A. We have no machine .
If you need ice , feel free to call the front desk .
We give you ice for free .
A. A vending machine for juice and alcohol drink is available at the hotel lobby on the ground level .
A. Yes , we can do it with additional charges .
Leave it at the front desk .
※ Attention ※
If you leave your suitcase / luggage after check-out without notice , additional cost will be charged .
We will contact you later .
We appreciate your understanding .

◇ About Rooms ◇
A. Yes , all guest rooms have high speed internet and free-wi-fi .
For using high speed internet service , please set your IP address “0” .
Free wi-fi is available any place at the hotel .
ID and password are on the information board at a guest room .
A. shampoo , conditioner , body soup , bath towel , face towel , informal cotton kimono , slippers , tissues , tooth blush , razor , teacup , tea bag , cup for bathroom .
Trouser Press , Iron with ironing board , humidifier , deodorizing spray , mobile rechargers ,digital scale are also available .
Please contact the front desk . (numbers are limited)
A. Yes , all guest rooms has a hair dryer .
A. Sorry , a bidet function toilet is only at the shared restroom at the hotel lobby .
A. All guest rooms have tea server .
Electric pot rental is also available at front desk .
A. Yes , there are .
However , availability is limited .
If there is no availability , we clean and deodorize a room before check-in .
A. Our hotels do not allow a non-registered guest to stay a hotel room under the accomodation clause .
Please meet a non-registered guest at the hotel lobby .
A. The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt .
We don’t have a voltage converter .
Please have your converter with you or you can get it at electronics retail stores .

◇ About Dining ◇
A. Breakfast is available at dining area on the ground level .
Hours:  7:00am ~ 8:30am
Set menu includes silver salmon ,small bowl ,pickled vegetable , seaweed , egg , rice and miso soup .
Rice and miso soup are free refil .
After the meal , we serve coffee .
A. Sorry , we don’t serve dinner at the hotel .
There are a lot of restaurant and cafe within 5 minutes-walking distance .
Do you have any preference , please feel free to ask the front .
We will give you information .

◇About Access◇
A. It takes 5 minutes walk from Hirokoji-guchi exit of JR Ueno Station .
It takes 2 minutes walk from Exit 2 or 3 of Metro Ueno station .
It takes 10 minutes walk from Keisei Ueno Station .
☆①  From Hirokoji-guchi exit of JR Ueno Station . 【 about 5min walk 】
Right after the exit , there is a pedestrian bridge on the left .
Go upstairs , and you will see the blue sign “Joyo Bank”go towards the sign and you’ll see the stairs to the ground level .
Use the stairs and go down to the ground level .
You should take the street between Joyo bank and Nissei Life Plaza .
Go straight with your back to the Ueno station .
Make left at the first light and turn right at the first small alley , and you will get to the hotel .

☆②  From Exit 2 of Metro Ueno station . 【 about 2 min walk 】
Take exit 2 and walk towards left and make a left turn , you’ll see the stairs to the pedestrian bridge and escalator to the right .
With your back to the escalator , go straight and you’ll see the white building on the right at the second intersection .
The white building has the sigh of our hotel .
Make right at the intersection and turn left at the second alley , and you’ll get to the hotel .

☆③  From Exit 3 of Tokyo Metro Ueno Station . 【 about 2min walk 】
Take exit 3 and go to the left and turn right at the street between Joyo bank and Nissei Life Plaza .
Make left at the first light and turn right at the first small alley , and you can get to the hotel .

☆④ From Keisei Ueno Station . 【 about 10min walk 】
After the ticket gate , go diagonally left and you’ll see the Underground walkway to Hibiya  /  Ginza line .
Go straight for a while and you’ll see the sign of Tokyo Metro Ueno Station Exit 3 .
Along with the sign , go to the exit .
From the exit , take a same way of ☆③

A. Sorry, we don’t have a courtesy service .
A. Yes, there are a lot of stores within 1 min walk .
A. Within 5 min walk , ATM of Mitsui Sumitomo bank and Joyo bank are available .
And convenience stores like Seven Eleven also have ATM machine .